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Throwback:Meet The African President That Lost An Election, Conceded Defeat But Refused To Step Down


Throwback:Meet The African President That Lost An Election, Conceded Defeat But Refused To Step Down

For 22 years,the people of Gambia knew Yahya Jammeh as their president,since taking power in a military coup in 1994, Jammeh have been accused of targeting journalist that are critical of his government, some of whom have been arrested or killed, he have also orchestrated the disappearance of other critics and activists, he is strongly against homosexuality, promising to execute gays and lesbians,he was also accused of using the death sentence as a tool of executing his political opponents, crimes like drug possession is an offence punishable by death

Jammeh’s best outfit is an all white flowing robe,a matching cap and a walking stick to match,he also loves to take the Quran wherever he goes to,he has overseen the smallest country in West Africa as if it was his personal kingdom,past presidential elections in the country have been marred with massive rigging,so when it was agreed that elections would be held in the country,observers expected more of the same which is Jammeh winning by a landslide through a dubious count,but to the surprise of many, he lost and even more surprisingly is the fact that he conceded defeat

Then the troubles began,Jammeh’s opponent and president elect Adama Barrow had promised prior to the elections that he would reform the country’s judicial system and he mostly criticized Jammeh’s handling of the educational and health sector in the country as he promised to do better,for citizens of Gambia,the fact that Jammeh did not win was enough for them,the country’s security forces shifted their support to Barrow and when the electoral commission announced Barrow’s win by a margin of 20,000 votes,the heads of the police,army and intelligence advised Jammeh to step down.

Adama Barrow,Jammeh’s Opposite number in the elections

Unlike Jammeh,he went on television so that all the country could see,he called Barrow and told him that The people of Gambia have spoken and that he wished him all the best

“Are you hearing me?Jammeh asked pulling the phone away from his ear a little to make sure that he and Barrow are still connected,after the call,the people of Gambia took to the streets to jubilate the new feat Gambia’s democracy just achieved,but their joy was short lived as barely a week later,Jammeh announced that he has rejected the result of the elections because it was fraudulent and that he would not be stepping down unless a new election is conducted

For fear of his life,the Gambia electoral commissioner fled for his life,Gambians took to the street to protest against Jammeh but he just refuse to bulge,he ordered protesters to be rounded up and put in a cell,wearing of any T shirt with the inscription Gambia has decided was immediately seen as a crime of some sort,Security forces closed down three independent radio stations,attempts to resolve the issue by the international community was rebuffed by the Jammeh administration

The Economic community of West African States(ECOWAS)ordered Jammeh to step down or face the wrath of West African troops,Jammeh refused and the chief of Army staff declared that he is behind his president

ECOWAS troops in Gambia

When Gambians held that ECOWAS troops was coming in,they stocked foods that would last them for a week at least,Jammeh declared a state of emergency and the streets were deserted,soon enough West African troops advanced towards Gambia and he was asked to resign but he went into political exile with his family

Jammeh waving the Quran at some of his supporters after he have been asked to vacate the seat

After being removed from office,Adama Barrow was installed as president and he is still serving till this day

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