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Throwback: The President Who Resigned After 8 Months In Power Because Of Massive Killings


Throwback: The President Who Resigned After 8 Months In Power Because Of Massive Killings

Africans have a lot to learn from Michel Djotodia, in an era where African Leaders love to hold on to power for decades, this man resigned from his position as head of state because he cannot watch his people kill themselves helplessly

The Central African Republic is mostly made up of Christians with the Muslims as minority, so when Michel Djotodia assumed power as a Muslim, eyebrows were raised as he became the first Muslim to lead a Country that has Christians as the majority, the world was watching to see how he was going to rule his people, but unfortunately, things did not work out, eight months of heated violence meant he has to make way

Michel seized power from Francois Bozize who have forcefully clung onto power for over ten years, with the help of the Seleka rebel group which is entirely made up of Muslims, Michel was able to overthrow the Bozize government, he had plans to integrate those who helped him assume power into the army of the country but it was not to be

After assuming power, he promised that elections will be conducted very soon as he does not have plans to hold on to power like his predecessor, Michel was a good man it those around him played a major role in making sure that his government did not succeed.

Few months into his reign, Michel declared that he has lost control of his Seleka rebel group, they no longer listen to him, they do as they please, they saw the emergence of Michel as an opportunity to misbehave, they looted, raped and murdered countless numbers of people who happened to be Christians, it was a bloodbath, the Christians endured enough, but they knew they had to do something for the killings to stop, not long after they formed their group known as Anti Balaka and that was where the whole trouble began for Djotodia

Anti Balaka

As expected, the situation escalated even more, Christians could no longer bear what they were passing through, they reciprocated any killings by the Muslim, if the Seleka rebel group killed ten, the Christians will kill ten, this continued and within three months over 1000 people have been killed with lots of them fleeing the country and many others displaced from their homes, after some time.

The Muslims observed that they are drastically reducing in numbers, they stopped the killings, but the Christians continued, this led the Muslims to cry out that they have not received adequate protection from the African Union, the killings don’t look as though It was going to stop any time soon, the neighboring countries of Africa knew they had to do something, Michel Djotodia was summoned to the meeting of CCEAC

After he was quizzed by presidents of other countries, Michel famously said “I am not God, I am a man like you, you could bring an angel from the sky to govern this country and there would still be problems”, Meanwhile massive protest was going on the country asking the president to step down, they accused him of turning a blind eye when the killings were going on, after much deliberation in the meeting, the secretary of CCEAC back then Mr. Ahmad Allami said “If you think you are incapable, if you think you are powerless in the face of the current situation, make way for someone who can do a better job”, right there in the meeting Djotodia took a decision, he resigned his position as head of state, an agreement was drafted, an aircraft was provided and he was flown into exile in Benin Republic, although the resignation came a bit too late, it was enough to stop further bloodshed in the country

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