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“My Wife Left After My Face Got Burnt, I’m Begging Her to Come Back Please” Man Pleads With His Wife


“My Wife Left After My Face Got Burnt, I’m Begging Her to Come Back Please” Man Pleads With His Wife

Sometimes life can be unfair in one way or the other. The people who are important in someone’s life may abandon someone when he/she needs them the most and this is what has been happening to a 25-year-old Cyrus.

Cyrus was born with epilepsy where he could always fall although his family was extremely poor and they could not afford to take him to the hospital and therefore he continued living with the disease.

Cyrus was not able to complete his studies since his family could not afford and therefore he was forced to start working at a younger age. He met a lady with who they started a romantic relationship and they started living together as husband and wife.

Cyrus claims just a few months ago, he woke up to prepare for breakfast before going to work where he feels on the charcoal with his face and since he was unconscious he could not call for help.

His brother is the one who saw him and rushed him to the hospital where his brother claims they thought that he will not survive since he was badly burnt. His brothers claim since they had no money they were chased away from the hospital before he was healed.

When they returned home, his wife was shocked to see his burnt face and the only thing she did is to pack her clothes and she left him up to date.

Cyrus has begged his wife to return back to him since he needs her the most where he claims he no longer go outside the house since most people are scared of him.

Cyrus wishes to spend the last moment of his life with his wife and child who abandoned him but he still needs her despite everything that he has been going through.

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