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Checkout This Throwback Story Of The Imam With 120 Wives And 203 Children, His Arrest And Death


Checkout This Throwback Story Of The Imam With 120 Wives And 203 Children, His Arrest And Death

Few months ago, a report surfaced on the internet, it was that of a Ugandan man named Mustafa Mutone who have 13 wives,176 Children and 90 grand children.

His story trended because he was asking the government for help in catering for his 176 children,however my curiosity led me into making research whether any Nigerian have ever achieved such feat,ladies and gentlemen, meet Mohammed Bello Abubakar, the man with 120 wives and 203 children

Mohammed is popularly known as Masaba by his people, he hails from Bida in present day Niger state,he was an extreme polygamist whose lifestyle does not go down well with his own people,one of the laws of Islam States that the maximum number of wives a man can marry is four and he must take care of them all equally but Mohammed does not care, his case even sounds more interesting because aside being a teacher, he was an imam,why then does he chose to do contrary to what the Quran says, this is his answer “When the Quran states a law,it also states the punishment for those who defaulted,but in the case of marriage,no punishment was attached,hence I am free to do as I pleases”

Mohammed’s residence where he lives with all his wives and children

He has eyes for very young girls that he gets married almost every year, it is so bad that some of his children were even older than his wife, trust the northerners on this,everyday they looked at the man with disdain and anger, not long after his case was taken to sharia court, at the time of the case,his total number of wives were 86,the case was concluded and he was asked to go home to divorce 82 wives and leave just 4, he was given a deadline to do so,not quite long, the deadline came and he did not divorce any of them,not even a single woman, at the time, this is what he said “If God permits me,I will marry more wives, I will never drive any of them away, a normal human being cannot have the number of wives I have,but I was only able to do so by the grace of God

Back to the story,the deadline passed and he still did not comply to the directives,in 2008 he was rearrested by the police on the order of the Islamic authorities,he was accused of dealing in arms by the locals,the police searched his house thoroughly but they could not find anything incriminating,he was placed behind bars during the duration of the case things got so heated up that members of the village gathered in front of the sharia court protesting that even if the court should set him free that they would not allow him into their village again,they vowed to have him killed,his wives on their part protested that their husband have been held and kept in custody for too long,it was a drama to say the least

This time was different from the first,because of his refusal to divorce 82 of his wives according to Islamic laws,he was immediately sentenced to death,but in a sudden twist of fate,the sentence was overturned but that did not stop the villagers from evicting him from his home,the issue became not just a national issue but a global one at that as Muslims all over the world were greatly angered.

Family photo of Mohammed Bello and his wives

Still in detention in November 2008,a federal high court in Abuja ordered for his immediate release,the judge also ordered the Inspector general of police to ensure that Mohammed was safe at all times,he continued by saying that Mohammed is a Nigerian,hence he deserves the right to life,right of liberty and privacy amongst other things,it was a worthy fight on the part of Mohammed

3rd wife of Mohammed Bello

Fatima(Front)one of the daughters of Mohammed Bello

On the long run,he ended up having,120 wives and 203 children,he died in 2017 at the ripe old age of 93 years,at the time of his death,it is believed that a lot of his wife were pregnant,indeed Mustafa Mutone needs to step aside for the Nigerian record breaker

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