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Checkout This Throwback Story Of How Pablo Escobar Paid Diego Maradona Just To Watch Him Play


Checkout This Throwback Story Of How Pablo Escobar Paid Diego Maradona Just To Watch Him Play

The story of the passing away of Diego Amando Maradona have littered the media space since last year and it is quite understandable considering the fact that he is arguably the greatest player to have ever played the game of football,on the other hand,Pablo Escobar hails from Colombia.

He was a drug peddler whose wealth is still unmatched till this day,he was worth a reported 50 Billion pounds,he smuggled cocaine to almost every part of the world,at the peak of his powers,Pablo Escobar can do whatever he pleases,he was richer than the Colombian government,hence he dictates the tempo

With the help of other countries,the Colombia government hunted Pablo Escobar,he was asked to surrender,he eventually agreed that he would do so on the condition that he would be allowed to build his own prison,he was given the go ahead to do so,he built the prison and named it Le Cathedral,he took his time to build the prison,it was a luxurious prison considering the fact that he was very rich,the prison was equipped with all he needed,it has a football pitch and this is where Diego Maradona comes in

Le Cathedral prison

Pablo Escobar loves football so much as he normally organizes football tournaments in his prison and reward the winners with excessive cash,he also have a football club that he financed regularly and to crown it all,he loves the best footballer in the world then,on one of his happy days,he asked his representatives on the outside to invite Diego Maradona to his prison,he asked them to give him whatever he wants,he said he wish to watch Maradona play live in his prison,a fee was agreed and Maradona visited

Maradona arriving at the prison

Pablo made sure that it was a day not to be forgotten easily as he littered the prison with beautiful women numbering more than 50,it was indeed a festival,Maradona partied till the next day and left,years later,he recalled the events that transpired in the prison,in his words

When I got to the prison,everybody was telling me,this is Pablo,I don’t know him because I don’t read the papers nor listen to the media,he invited me to his office and told me that he likes me,because just like him,I made it from a very poor background,aside the football I was invited to play I admired the prison,the place looked so luxurious that I was wondering if indeed I was in a prison,that night I partied with the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my entire life,he called me the next morning,paid me my money and I left,I had no idea who he was until I left the prison,it was in the outside world that I asked lots of questions that I later realized that he was Pablo Escobar”

Some few years passed and Diego Maradona tested positive to drug usage,and observers immediately brought back the story of Pablo Escobar and Diego,they believed the duo met after their prison encounter.

This article is not meant to defame the person of Maradona or his contribution to the beautiful game,it is simply to tell you that,at the peak of his powers,even the dreaded Drug lord wanted to watch him play,may the soul of Diego Maradona rest in perfect peace,he will forever be remembered

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