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Actress Genny Uzoma not burdened by COVID-19 lockdown


Actress Genny Uzoma not burdened by COVID-19 lockdown

There are some Nollywood practitioners that have not allowed the current raving COVID-19 pandemic to stop the beat for them. One of them is the delectable actress and honcho of Zina Studios Jenifer Uzoma. The tall and fair skin actress, who is simply called Genny by close friends and colleagues, has been working back to back since the partial lifting of the lockdown and it looks as though the actress has been booked till the end of the year.

As at the last check, the native of Mbaitoli local Council of Imo state and Political Science graduate of the Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT), who recently hoisted a Youtube channel- Genny Uzoma for distribution of her personal content and content from her stable, was still filming a movie titled The Bane in Abuja under the direction of Emma Olabode.

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Genny had during the week, shared photos of her and the veteran actor Zack Orji properly masked up and travelling aboard a commercial flight to Abuja. A bird squealed that the star of Forlon, One Sided, Toxic, Twilight and Withered starring Chief Femi Branch, may likely spend a few more weeks in Abuja “because about three Abuja based producers have contacted her to work for them while she is here.”

An actress and model, who has shown that she is devoted to the acting craft and has been exhibiting a felt passion for the make believe vocation, Genny joined Nollywood in 2005. She took a break to try her hands on business and returned a few years back. Since she then, there has been no stopping the old girl of Holy Rosary College Secondary School and star of movies such as Love and Cancer, Out of Luck, Baby Shower, Wife Material and Love in The Wrong Places.

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